PEGUMBA Package Substations are metallic enclosures of multiple compartments that are interconnected but clearly separated.

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Package Substation exists in 3 Compartment Structures in the following forms:

MV Switchgear – Transformer – MV Switchboard

MV Switchgear – Transformer – LV Switchgear

Main Features:

– Can integrate Air or SF6 insulated Ring Main Units with various configurations.
– Can integrate Oil or Dry-type transformers.

– Integrated metering and protection (optional).
– Provisions for remote monitoring and control of switching devices on MV or LV compartments.
– High climate & corrosion resistance.
– High operation reliability.
– Operating personnel safety.
– Easy installation of power transformer.
– Rapid Installation for under urbanization sites.
– Available with digital electronic locks which can be remotely controlled.
– All interconnecting equipment between Medium Voltage and Transformer and Low Voltage are factory tested.
– Adequate space for inspection and maintenance of transformer or capacitor banks (walk-in accessibility).
– Can be connected with SCADA system.

Design Standards:

Our Package Substations are manufactured according to the following IEC & VDE standards

–   IEC publication 62271-102.
–   IEC publication 60420
–   IEC publication 60265
–   DIN VDE 0670

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Suitable for the following applications:

–   Buildings
–   Real Estate Development Projects
–   Infrastructure
–   Industry