PEGUMBA KIOSKS (KTP) are mostly manufactured for Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan Markets according to European Standards.


The main purpose of KTP is to supply electric energy for schools, hospitals, governmental buildings and rural locations within temperature values -55 ° C – +55 ° C.

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Major Types of KTP are classified as below.

KTP-40, KTP-63, KTP-100, KTP-160, KTP-250, KTP-400, KTP-630, KTP-1000 and KTP-1600.


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General Features of KTP

KTP is a kiosk-type package transformer substations deadlock or transmission type . Equipment is designed to accept a three-phase AC power frequency and voltage 6 (10 ) kV and converting it into an electric current with a voltage of 0.4 (0.23 ) kV , and the subsequent supply of consumers. Power from 40 kVA up to 1600 kVA , voltage – 10 (6) / 0.4 (0.23) kV . The substation is designed for outdoor installation has on the high voltage side air or cable entry on the side of low voltage as air or cable outlet .


KTP kiosk-type can be used to supply consumers of agricultural , industrial use , as well as communal facilities in the schemes of radial distribution networks and ring type .

Recommended operating conditions :

Relative humidity (at a temperature of 20 º C + ) – 80 % ;
Outdoor air temperature – from – 45 º C to 40 º C;
Altitude up to 1000 m ;
Allowed ice thickness up to 20 mm.
Maximum wind speed – up to 36 m / s in case of icing – up to 15 m / s;
For stable operation of the KTP kiosk type requires that the surrounding air does not contain dust, corrosive vapors and gases that can have a devastating impact on the insulating material and metal.


Insulation resistance value indicators on the HV side to ground elements.

When calculating the type and depth of the marks under the foundation of QFT to the exact terms of accommodation. In the case of columnar foundation Bookmarks distance between the individual columns must not exceed 1.1 m


The structure of KTP kiosk type includes:

Bay to accommodate the power transformer ;
Switchgear on HV side – RU HV ;
Dispenser on the LV side – RU LV .
Equipment included in RU HV KTP dead-end type with cable entry capacity from 400 kVA to 630 kVA – fuses and switches , with cable entry capacity from 100 kVA to 250 kVA – disconnector and fuses , with air input – fuses ;

In picking passage substations with capacity from 250 kVA to 630 kVA – series load switch , then disconnect switch with fuses and switches , with a capacity of 100 kVA to 160 kVA – consistently isolator , then disconnectors with fuses and disconnector ;

According to GOST 12022 power transformer compartment allowed installation of the power equipment such as oil TM and TMG with a capacity of up to 630 kVA (inclusive).


Equipment included in the shield:

Automatically switches the type of outgoing lines in the form of circuit breakers with fuses ;
Circuit breaker or disconnecting switch input ;
Panel voltage control on the tires and 0.4 kV for electricity metering ;
Suppressors or arresters LV ;
Automatic switch street lighting.